60,000+ Years of Innovation

"Jefa Greenaway explores how expressions of identity can be facilitated through architecture and design. Lilly Brown is interested in knowledge production and dissemination, while Kimberley Moulton says curating helps her peel back the concrete foundations we walk on – revealing histories and inspiring new cultural visions. Hosted by Benson Saulo – an impassioned youth advocate whose work encourages empowered choice and a trust in inherited knowledge."
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sbL7N4cLcc


The Library at El Tránsito Arts Center

"The Library at ETCA is a center of learning, activity and fun for children and adults in El Transito. It is a happy place - open to all, for reading, after-school activities, games and community support.

The need for additional Spanish books is constant as the residents of El Tránsito have very limited resources for studies and research. An ongoing effort remains to locate additional Spanish books and games, children’s art supplies, and study and research materials and textbooks and references."

Source: https://vimeo.com/132116322


"2016 ABOG Fellow Joseph Cuillier created The Black School, an experimental art school that uses socially engaged art and Black history to educate Black/PoC students and allies in becoming radical agents of social change by combining art making workshops, radical Black political theory, group discussions, and public projects that address community needs.

Public Pedagogies at Victoria University

The focus of the Journal of Public Pedagogies is to publish articles that engage in discussion about learning and teaching outside formal educational institutions. These areas include arts, community engagement, social pedagogy, public history, work in and research on public institutions like museums, libraries, neighborhood houses, community centers, practice, research and evaluation in public pedagogies. At our 2015 conference we collected responses to the question what is public pedagogy? This exploration takes us into other questions such as what is learning and what is the relationship of learning to the term pedagogy.