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Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe: Performative Reading

Rwandan-British composer and artist Stéphanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe is Reader-in-Residence at the Community Reading Room for the duration of the installation at Testing Grounds.

Stéphanie will be presenting a performative reading including live music and oration, using graphic score translations created from narratives found within the Community Reading Room and her personal collection.

Addressing the faults of the religious and colonial framework within which Dewey created his Decimal System of categorising information for libraries and catalogues, 'Dewey Disengagement System' is her new work being developed in the Community Reading Room. 

Stéphanie's practice explores the navigation of identity as a ‘Third Culture Kid’ through block printed graphic scores, narrative ceremony, adornment and cultural contextualisation via cross-generational conversations.

Referencing the ongoing navigation of third culture, through a triple translation system Stéphanie will interpret narratives and concepts from within the Community Reading Room collection:

1. Written to graphic
2. Written to oral
3. Graphic and oral to performative reading

Narrative languages explored:

As a formally trained composer and Umunyarwandakazi (Rwandan woman), Stéphanie hybridizes western music notation and Rwandan graphic language systems to create graphic scores on mixed paper stock

with family elders and the public, inviting conversation around identity, personal histories and expressions of living culture. To be audio recorded for incorporation into the work

Interpreting the graphic glyph and music notation systems in combination with oration into a live translation or ‘performative reading’.

Friday 17th February 2017, 6:00-7:15pm in the Community Reading Room at Testing Grounds, 1-23 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006.

FREE and all welcome!


FRI 10 February– Fri 23 February
In Residence: listening, reading, conversing, creating
Fri 10th – Sat 11th : 10am – 6pm
Wed 15th – Sat 18th : 10am – 6pm
Thu 23rd – Fri 24th : 10am – 6pm

FRI 17 February, 6:00 – 7:15pm
Performative Reading: live music and oration reading, using graphic score translations created from narratives found within the Community Reading Room and Stéphanie’s personal collection

Later Event: February 18
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